TMC Associates

Over 800 Associates across the Globe

Our successful business model involves working with and via highly qualified and experienced independent Associates, (either freelancers or small companies). Currently we have over 800 Associates covering all major regions worldwide.

Our people are all seasoned professionals, with at least five years' experience in their fields and usually much more. Many are multilingual, all are multitalented. This business model brings a number of advantages:

Advantages to our Clients

  • Flexible infrastructure to adapt to each project
  • A significant reduction in the number of vendors to manage, in the knowledge that TMC will manage all Associate contracting, confidentiality, training, reporting, etc.
  • Project-specific teams and SOPs
  • Focused solutions designed to meet clients' needs in the most appropriate and efficient way
  • Mature, highly experienced teams
  • Low turnover in team members

Advantages to our Associates

  • Associates get to play to their particular strengths, and working with TMC allows them to broaden their professional horizons
  • Associates enjoy independence and flexibility, but this is combined with a degree of continuity within the context of being truly part of the TMC team, with support and professional development provided when needed
  • We are not an agency. TMC retains responsibility for delivery and oversight of quality and timelines of everything our Associates do. Our Associates are integrated with TMC during their projects, rather than 'hired out' as they would be by an agency

Work for us

If you feel your skills and experience are right for TMC, we'd be pleased to hear from you.