TMC's team of physicians is made up of industry experienced professionals who offer a full range of medical services.

Supporting the Sponsor's medical function

  • Representation of the Sponsor's medical function with investigators and health authorities
  • Pharmacovigilance physician and product safety expert
  • Participation in safety advisory boards
  • Acting as sponsors interim Chief Medical Officer

Medical support for clinical trials

  • Medical input to protocol design
  • Medical support to CRAs
  • Responding to medical questions
  • Evaluating lab results and other clinical parameters
  • Visiting sites to solve medical issues
  • Responding to ethics / regulatory medical questions
  • Contributing to internal safety-monitoring groups
  • Medical review of patient profiles and data listings
  • Final study report reviews

Medical participation in pharmacovigilance activities

  • Reviewing safety profile and risk/benefit analysis
  • Reviewing SAE/pharmacovigilance reports
  • Review of ASURs and PSURs

Medical marketing support

  • Literature analysis and evaluation for marketing purposes
  • Production of marketing support and training materials
  • Writing or review of manuscripts for publication
  • Sign-off of advertising copy
  • Support of scientific service (medical information)